Website Design

Every website we produce is unique in it’s design and function, this is because no two businesses are the same, so having a unique website design is important. There are many price and feature combinations for websites, if you would like a personal quote then please contact us and we can design you a website to fit your budget and criteria. All websites are fully search engine optimised so they can easily be found on the internet. We will continue to work on your website design until you are completely satisfied with it.

You are never alone! Weeks or months after your website is finished we are always here to help with queries or fix problems, we also check on your website randomly to make sure everything is working properly. We offer 6 website options.


1 - Pay per page Brochure Websites

Suited to any budget, start off with a small website now and add more pages when you can afford it.

We create the website and also maintain it for a minimal charge each time you need it updating.

£100 for the first page, £50 each for subsequent pages

2 - Content Managed Website

Ideal if your website needs to be updated regularly and you want full control over the content.

Fully responsive for PC's, laptops, mobiles & all media devices. Access to thousands of add-ons via the content management system

£400 - No future costs

3 - Content Managed Website

The same as option 2, plus:

You can have as many pages as you like & add unlimited pages yourself so your website can grow with your business. The entire website including the layout can be edited. A payment plan is available.

£1000 - No future costs

4 - Online E-commerce Shop

Created using the content managed website (option 3) but it has Woo Commerce integrated, a very powerful shopping system.

Sell unlimited products, customer log-in area, shopping cart, tax & delivery options plus so much more.

£1250 - No future costs

5 - Bolt-on CMS

With Bolt on CMS (content Management System) you can edit the text, images & main content in your website.

CMS is built into your new or existing brochure website, it can also be added to your existing website created by someone else. Prices available for larger sites.

£100 for up to 5 pages

6 - Website Maintenance

If you have an existing website, created by us or not, we can update & alter the website for a minimal charge.

From £10 per update

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Keywords

All websites are optimised for the internet and submitted to search engines for you. Each site includes a full set of hidden keywords, page titles and a description to help get your website found on the internet. All websites are monitored with a hidden website analytics counter to make sure they are performing well on the internet. We will also read through all your site content thoroughly to make sure it is keyword rich.
Keyword examples in this paragraph are in red.

Enquire about website design via our CONTACT page.

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